Chimney Sweep Services

Sweeping through the South West of England

The consequences of chimney fires are clear, sobering and frightening. However, keeping an open fire in your home doesn’t have to be a risky affair. You can, in fact, have an open fire in your household or business residence and keep a worry free mind, just by having it swept on a regular basis.

We have built a reputation in providing a friendly and trustworthy chimney sweeping service that you can rely on.

Keep you and your family safe by sweeping your chimney in accordance with the recommendations set down by the Solid Fuel Association.
What services do we offer?

  • Our aim is to provide you with a clean and tidy chimney sweep service
  • We’re a husband and wife team offering you expert chimney maintenance advice
  • Bird guard and cowls supplied and fitted
  • We sweep all types of flues and chimneys thoroughly, cleanly and efficiently
  • We keep to the Association of Professional independent Chimney Sweeps code of practice, to make sure you know that you’re getting expert service and advice
  • We use a wide range of specialist rods and brushes as appropriate, with a high-powered industrial vacuum fitted with HEPA filter
  • We always use protective covers and carpet runners to keep your house tidy and clean during this process
  • We issue a valid Certificate of Chimney Sweeping on completion, which is recognised by leading insurance companies to give you a guarantee that you’re covered by our full public liability insurance

Our husband and wife team are here to help keep you safe!
Just call,
01460 613220

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